Lemmah A. Perry Scholarship


Must be enrolled in a 2- or 4-year educational institute or technical school; must have financial need.

Annual Award:

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Lemmah Perry was a home economics teacher at Marble Falls High School. She had no extended family so decided she would bequeath what little she had — a house and a car — to provide money for graduating seniors who might not be able to attend college without those extra dollars.

“She wanted to help kids she felt like might fall through the cracks,” said Dale Brown, former fund trustee. “She wanted to target kids who had the potential and wanted to go to school but needed a little help.”

At the end of her life, Perry’s estate attorney discovered the retired teacher had a lot more than a few capital assets. She had inherited mineral interests in West Texas that gave the memorial fund a big boost. Perry died in 2008 at the age of 86, leaving a lasting — and growing — legacy for Marble Falls graduating students.

“To her, it was a simple thing: She was doing something from her heart,” Brown said. “She had a heart for kids, especially for kids she saw potential in that she thought might not have a means for continuing education,” Brown said. “She wanted everyone to have a chance. That’s why she did this.”