Where does the Foundation get its funds?

The Marble Falls Education Foundation seeks donations from individuals, businesses, private and public grant sources and through fundraising activities. The entire budget of the Foundation will be raised privately from sources committed to excellence in education for our community.

Why should we donate to the Marble Falls Education Foundation? We already pay taxes.

Tax dollars support mandated education. Foundation funding enhances the educational system, making it possible to offer Marble Falls ISD students the quality educational opportunities and experiences they deserve. Your investment in our public schools is also an investment in our community and future. Every dollar you give stays in our district.

Who governs the Marble Falls Education Foundation?

The Foundation is governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors including business and community leaders, parents and alumni in the Marble Falls ISD community who are committed to our schools’ success. While the Foundation operates independently of Marble Falls ISD, it shares a vision of educational excellence and student achievement.