Advice from the Expert

College advisor Gibson Holmes helps students find their career path for after graduation. As he works with Marble Falls High School students to enter their post-secondary school lives with confidence, he will be using this space to offer advice, tips, and information on upcoming scholarship opportunities and deadlines. Check back often for the latest news on […]


Over $134,000 was awarded to seniors who applied through MFEF at Scholarship Awards on May 14, 2020


This spring, 17 Grants were awarded through the Grants 4 Great Ideas program. The Prize Posse award over $60,000 to Marble Falls ISD teachers.


Contributions to our scholarship program help our students make their dreams come true!

The Stables is Open, MFHS Coffee Shop Grant –

Written by Daniel Clifton, Editor– As Marble Falls High School student Irene Ortiz tweaked the latte mix and then a frozen coffee drink, she wrote down the changes on a notebook sitting on the nearby counter. Off to the side, business and entrepreneurship teacher Tucker Edwards watched. It’s part of the process, he said, […]

2019 Prize Posse

Dan Haggart received a grant for his Augmented Reality grant at Falls Career HS

Invested Teachers

465 teachers contributed more than $36,600 to the Education Foundation in 2018